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Welcome to Ya Tai Science & Technology

  Xuzhou Yatai is a professional company to manufacture Cardiac intervention devices espe cially in repairing congenital & structural heart disease repairing usage. Over 200 square meters clean room,

img_1        CMD qualified facilities and management system, skilled operators with moer than 10 years experience support the company focus on developing high quality and high precision medical devices. Today, most of the biggest Chinese hospital are using our products and helping thousands of people return to health.

        Yatai Technology for the international business and wish to establish a wide market all over the world.


Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Closure/Occluder PTMC balloon Cardiac Temporary Pacing Lead Angioplasty and Valvuloplasty Balloon Cathetes(PSvalvuloplasty catheter) Delivery system
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